Ruby Hikes!

$410.00 raised
GOAL: $2,500.00

Ruby Hiking

I started backpacking right around the time I took my Impact Basics class, when I was 19 years old. The confidence that I gained from Impact Basics gave me the courage to embark on long solo journeys through woods, mountains, deserts and canyons. I'm so grateful that I have the personal safety skills to feel completely comfortable on my own in the wilderness. I know that I can handle any human or animal threat, without depending on weapons or other people to "save" me. I want to give back to the organization that has given me so much -- and I hope you'll join me on an epic journey this summer!!

I'm hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail this summer, and I'm raising funds and awareness for Impact Bay Area. We provide empowerment self-defense training to Bay Area communities.

We believe that safety should be a right, not a privilege, so we reserve 25% of the spots in our classes for scholarship recipients. In the last three+ years since I have been the Chair of the Board, we have accepted every scholarship applicant. I'm so happy to help make this powerful training available to the folks who need it the most -- I received a scholarship to take Basics back in 1998 and I've been paying it forward ever since.  

I'm starting the hike in June at the Southern tip of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and I plan to hike northbound for three months. I'll carry everything I need on my back, and will stop in towns along the way to pick up enough food to get me to the next town. As I progress northbound along the trail, I'll provide updates, pictures and videos to all of the Impact Bay Area supporters who wish to follow my adventure.

All of the donations go directly to Impact Bay Area (not to me!). Your contributions are 100% tax deductible. Everyone who donates here will get a postcard from the trail that I'll hand-write especially for you! I can't wait to share this journey with you.

Thank you in advance for contributing, sharing, and supporting this epic quest!!